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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flying the Common Core Airplane as We're Building It

Speaking to the City Club of Chicago, Lewis said, “We’re flying the [Common Core] airplane as we’re building it. So we’ll see. Who knows what that will bring?” She also said Common Core was never “field tested,” which is an indisputable fact that worries many education experts around the nation.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Arne Duncan is Getting Desperate

Arne Duncan Tells Newspaper Editors How to Report on Common Core

It seems that a big part of Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s job now is giving impassioned defenses of the Common Core State Standards, which he did Tuesday to a convention of American news editors (some of whom may not have even known it needed defending).
A few months ago, Duncan told Chamber of Commerce leaders that they had to be more supportive of the Common Core because it was coming under withering attack from the left and right, and some states were reconsidering implementing the standards. On Tuesday, he gave another defense to the editors as well as some tips on how to report the story:

1989 Governors Conference-Shirley McCune

Shirley McCune, former OBE Senior Director at Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory (MCREL)

From the 1989 National Governors' Conference on Education
  • Total transformation of our society (sound familiar?)
  • Facts and information(knowledge) no longer primary purpose of education
  • The close connection between economic(sustainable) development and human capital(labor)
  •  Educator whose job is to work with the social welfare community and put together a total network of HR development in that community where we can provide for all the needs of the children and adults in that community
  • The earlier we intervene into the lives of people
These are the goals of "education" today through the Common Core.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum

Three years after the Department of Education announced a contest called Race-to-the-Top for $4.35 billion in stimulus funds, some parents, teachers, governors, and citizen and public policy groups are coming to an awful realization about the likely outcomes:
  • A national curriculum called Common Core
  • Regionalism, or the replacement of local governments by federally appointed bureaucrats
  • A leveling of all schools to one, low national standard, and a redistribution of education funds among school districts
  • An effective federal tracking of all students
  • The loss of the option of avoiding the national curriculum and tests through private school and home school
Working behind the scenes, implementing these policies and writing the standards are associates from President Obama’s community organizing days. In de facto control of the education component is Linda Darling-Hammond, a radical left-wing educator and close colleague of William “Bill” Ayers, the former leader of the communist terrorist Weather Underground who became a professor of education and friend of Obama’s.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Army of Teachers?

The National Center for Teacher Quality is a bogus organization, since it comes to us from a non-scientific point of view and tons of people who know next to nothing about teaching.  When an agenda and a bunch of policy ideas are predetermined, and the studies comes later, you know something’s going on.  But the media sure grabbed on to the latest study it like it was some sort of super-breakthrough, newsworthy piece of action!  Even NPR did some spots on their radio network about this study, which were less than balanced. I’m talking, of course, about the Teacher Prep Review.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why Do They Lie? Why Do Others Believe Them?

Dr Sandra Stotsky, the only English Language Arts professor on the Common Core Validation Committee, refused to sign off on the standards because of  "poor quality, empty skill sets, the de-emphasis on literature, and low reading levels, such as 8th grade levels for 12th grade students." She has been relentless in her efforts to expose the Common Core State Standards Initiative for what it is. Now she has written about the questions, those of us who have researched CCSS, ask ourselves every day. Here is a clip:

One of the most puzzling phenomena in recent years is the unquestioned acceptance by seemingly rational people of the many claims made by the proponents of Common Core’s standards. The claims have been made repeatedly despite the fact that they have been shown to be either lies or simply utopian hopes. So, what are the lies or the utopian hopes? And why do others repeat these lies or pie-in-the-sky claims about what these standards will achieve? 
First, we are regularly told that Common Core’s standards are internationally benchmarked. Joel Klein, former head of the New York City schools, most recently repeated this myth in an interview with Paul Gigot, the Wall Street Journal editor, during the first week in June. Not mentioned at all in the interview or the op-ed he co-authored in the WSJ a week later is Klein’s current position in a company that does a lot of business with Common Core. An Exxon ad, repeated multiple times during a recently televised national tennis match, also suggested that Common Core’s standards were internationally benchmarked. We don’t know who influenced Exxon’s education director...
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Truth About South Dakota's Common Core Facts

Recently the South Dakota Department of Education released their version of the Common Core Standards "Facts".  They have provided no documentation to their claims. I would like to share the facts about CCS and why the state's version is false.

Common Core Dangers

Jeffrey Horn gives a brief synopsis of the book Children of the Core by Kris Nielsen
Here's a clip from the article:
Nielsen sees CCSS as not mere “standards,” but rather, “an untested, overrated, and dangerous attempt to standardize our workforce training programs (formerly known as public schools) and track students into pre-qualified ranks and positions in the American economic class structure.” He notes that it is big business in general, and big education in particular, that is pushing CCSS. He echoes David Berliner, a visiting professor at Columbia University Teachers College who suggests, “The driving force for business’ interest in education is the productivity of the American workforce.”
You can read the the full article here.

Hidden Details About Common Core

A two minute video about some of the hidden details about Common Core. Share with your friends.

To contact your representatives, click the Take Action - Contact Lawmakers tab above.
Thank-you Florence Thompson. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Common Core Round Table Forum from Conejo Valley, June 10, 2013

Both sides of Common Core are presented at this forum. It is full of good information. The thing I really noticed, was that the school officials at this forum, only knew the talking points they had been given by Common Core and the State of California. Do your local officials know the truth about Common Core, or do they only know what they have been fed by the State of South Dakota and Common Core?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Teacher Writes Brochure for Public Education

Mr. Fitz, a middle school teacher in Florida, shares his views of what teaching to the test has done to education. 

"The thing that struck me one night, though, flipping through a brochure with key words like CREATIVITY, PASSION, PERSONAL INTERESTS, COMMUNITY, SIGNIFICANCE, and RELEVANCE emblazoned across the top of each page, was the fact that if you did a brochure about public schools, the way they have been redefined and deformed in an age of NCLB and Race to the Top,  it would read like the exact opposite of what colleges are advertising these days:"

Experience the magic!"
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

APP's Emmett McGroarty Talks Common Core With Chuck Todd

Earlier today we shared with you the June 11, 2013, USA Today editorial by American Principal Project's, Emmett McGroarty.
Today, he discusses the fight over Common Core on MSNBC’s "The Daily Rundown" with Chuck Todd.

Parents are Rising Up

It's simple. Cut the people out, and you get an inferior product.

Now, parents are waking up. Alisa Ellis, of Heber City, Utah, typifies their resolve: "Administrators want parents like me to step back and be quiet, but we will not. These are my children, and my voice will be heard."

Read the whole editorial from Emmett McGroarty, USA Today here.

"Have It Your Way"

The The Associated School Boards of South Dakota and the School Administrators of South Dakota have announced the theme for their joint convention to be held Aug. 8-9, 2013 in Sioux Falls. "Have It Your Way".

"Have It Your Way" for most of us is the Burger King theme. So let's take it from there. You can only choose from the Burger King core menu. You can add a pickle, special sauce, or ketchup to their core menu of burgers and fries, but the core menu is all you get to choose from.  Even is you want to add steak or lobster to your plate, or basics like green beans and peas, you are unable to do that at Burger King. They would look at you and tell you that you can't have that at Burger King. It's not on their menu.

With Common Core, our children will be "fed" a menu of Burger King every day. A teacher may add a pickle, or ketchup here or there, but only within the parameters of what the Common Core Standards have decided is "appropriate." I want my children and grandchildren to receive a balanced education. I don't think a diet of "Burger King" every day is a very balanced education.

Bill Ayers Using K-12 Education to Spread Anti-American Views

Ayers eventually recast himself as an educator and moved his revolution against America into the nation’s classrooms.
Ayers began his career as a kindergarten teacher, but he quickly worked his way into the university system. Once there, he became a celebrated education “expert” who began shaping “all levels of education,” Grabar writes.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Development of Common Core Explained by Michael Chapman

Think Common Core is something new? This video is kind of long, but full of documented information.

From the 1989 National Governors' Association Conference on Education
  • Total transformation of our society
  • Facts and information(knowledge) no longer primary purpose of education
  • Connection between economic(sustainable) development and human capital(labor)
Why are the tests now called assessments?
Voluntary = Mandatory

NCLB Bills: A Side-By-Side Comparison

The U.S. Constitution grants no authority over education to the federal government. Education is not mentioned in the Constitution of the United States, and for good reason. The Founders wanted most aspects of life managed by those who were closest to them, either by state or local government or by families, businesses, and other elements of civil society. The Founders feared the concentration of power. They believed that the best way to protect individual freedom and civil society was to limit and divide power. Certainly, they saw no role for the federal government in education.
Our representatives in Congress, the people we sent there to represent us, need to be reminded of this. 

A big thanks to Alyson Klein at EdWeek for breaking down the three bills put out in Congress last week on the long-stalled re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Here's a clip from her work:

You can read the rest of her breakdown here.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crayola Common Core Lessons Promote Globalization and Interdependence

Despite Arne Duncan’s denial that Common Core purposes a political agenda, the curriculum itself proves otherwise — that Common Core has everything to do with the political and global agenda of those who created it, and nothing to do with a sound education for the benefit of those being taught — our children.

Dr. Gary Thompson on Common Core AIR Testing

Yesterday we shared with you about AIR and their ties to SBAC, the Common Core testing arm in South Dakota. You can read that here. Today, I wake up to find this in my email box. If you still think Common Core is about education standards, please watch the video and read Dr Gary Thompson's letter. He thought everything that has been said about Common Core was conspiracy theory, until he read the documentation.
Every day, people ask why? Here is the answer. But again, don't take my word for it, research it for yourself. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

3 Trends Connect NSA Snooping and Common Core Testing

An excellent article by Matt Sanders at the DNews. Here's a clip.
"A bit of context might be helpful. The USOE contracted with DC based social research firm American Institutes for Research (AIR) to develop and host the Utah Common Core assessments that track student data and performance. AIR’s stated mission is, “to conduct and apply the best behavioral and social science research and evaluation towards improving peoples’ lives, with a special emphasis on the disadvantaged.” Their board of directors includes professional backgrounds in sociology, psychology, psychometrics, federal data management vending, and data and statistics software. While no board members have experience in K-12 education, they collectively have remarkable experience in social and behavior research, and federal data analytics and contracting."
You can read the complete article here.
So, who is AIR? 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New York Principals on Why Common Core Tests Failed

Dozens of New York Principals wrote to New York State Education Commissioner John King. 
"Even if these tests were assessing students’ performance on tasks aligned with the Common Core Standards, the testing sessions—two weeks of three consecutive days of 90-minute (and longer for some) periods—were unnecessarily long, requiring more stamina for a 10-year-old special education student than of a high school student taking an SAT exam. Yet, for some sections of the exams, the time was insufficient for the length of the test. When groups of parents, teachers and principals recently shared students’ experiences in their schools, especially during the ELA exams with misjudged timing expectations, we learned that frustration, despondency, and even crying were common reactions among students. The extremes were  unprecedented: vomiting, nosebleeds, suicidal ideation, and even hospitalization."
Read the whole letter here:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NC Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest raises concerns that he has with Common Core.!

Open Letter: Democrats Uniting Against Common Core and Race To The Top

"I humbly recommend that Mr. Duncan be called before your committee to answer some serious questions under oath about corporate and investor influence on Education policy. Mr. Duncan told a committee of congress that he did not want to “participate in the hysteria” surrounding the RTTT and the CCS. Because he is a public servant, it is his duty to serve the people of the United States. Part of his job is to be accountable to the public."
Read full letter here:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Locals Fight Back Against Common Core National Standards in Wisconsin

“The worst thing about Common Core itself is that it’s low academic quality,” Common Core critic Joy Pullman told EAGnews. “It’s not rigorous, it’s not internationally benchmarked, it’s not competitive, it’s not high-quality…”
“There’s a lot of really frightening data tracking and monitoring initiatives being required of states in conjunction with Common Core. The tests that are coming out are illegally funded by the federal government,” Pullman said.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Beginning of Common Core's Trouble

When President Obama unveiled his Race to the Top initiative in 2009, the idea was to award $4.35 billion in federal grant money to states to replicate policies that boosted student achievement.  That quickly changed and the federal money was instead used to persuade states to adopt administration-backed nationalized K-12 English and math standards and tests. By last year, most states had adopted the standards, known as Common Core, and it seemed a foregone conclusion that the United States would join countries like France in having a uniform curriculum.
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Time to Get the Federal Government Out of Education

"For over half a century, a succession of Congresses and presidents has sought to do two things for American elementary and secondary education: raise overall achievement, and narrow the gaps between high- and low-income students as well as between minority and white students. The federal government has spent roughly $2 trillion on these efforts since 1965, adjusting for inflation."